Quilting the hyperbolic plane

We recently ran a workshop at the CAADRIA conference in Kyoto entitled 'Physics based design: Quilting the Hyperbolic Plane'. Here are some pictures from it.

The workshop objective was to design doubly curved surfaces using a method called polygonal construction and then fabricate paper models of the surface. Participants first grew their surfaces in a live spring-based Processing environment. Readers of the blog may recognize screenshots of the Processing sketch - it is a simplified version of a Java program written back in 2010. A Python script in Rhinoceros pulls data from the Processing sketch, reconstructs the surface and lays out cut-sheets for a paper plotter. Participants then assemble the individually cut patches into a final 'quilt' using the digital model as a guide.

We had such a wonderful group of participants - Sun Young, Takeshi, Minkyeong, Kei and Faruk. At the end of the day, I think everyone enjoyed the experience and for us that was the most satisfying aspect of running the workshop.